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How to publish your app

How to install

The SkyDroid CLI ships as a single executable with no dependencies. You can install it using the installers below, or download a release binary from the releases page.

Shell (Mac, Linux)

curl -fsSL | sh Icon copy code

PowerShell (Windows)

iwr -useb | iex Icon copy code


You need a domain name (for example

Initialize SkyDroid for your app

  1. Make sure your terminal is in the root directory of the app you want to publish
  2. Run skydroid init
  3. Edit all values in skydroid-app.yaml to match your app
  4. Put your app's domain name in skydroid-dev.yaml

Publish your app

  1. Validate your skydroid-app.yaml file by executing skydroid validate
  2. Run skydroid publish and follow the instructions